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Criminal Harassment Defence Woodbridge Mississauga Toronto who defend in criminal lawsuits

Criminal Harassment Defence Woodbridge

Most of the time when people think about lawyers they imagine the lawyers that are seen on television arguing back and forth in order to either prosecute or free a criminal who has created some type of heinous crime. However, criminal lawyers are not the only lawyers that are available. There are Criminal Harassment Defence Woodbridge Mississauga Toronto who specialize in just about every industry available. If you are ever in trouble and need the services of a lawyer, make sure that you get one who is skilled and trained in the area in which you need advice.

Harassment in comprises several actions. It can be referred to as hitting, beating, striking, or physically attacking someone without actually hurting them. Criminal Harassment Defence Mississauga can also be referred to as offending someone with the use of indecent language or gestures made either personally, through a phone call, an e-mail, or any other means of communication. Stalking is also classified as harassment, and so is following a person and initiating repeated unwanted communications especially during inconvenient hours and repeatedly taunting, challenging, or insulting a person with the intent to provoke a fight.

Criminal Harassment Defence Woodbridge Mississauga Toronto

Criminal Harassment Defence Woodbridge, or “stalking”, as it is commonly referred to, consists of repeated behaviour that has the intention of harassing, frightening, annoying, or other actions displaying obsessive and unwanted conduct directed towards another individual “without lawful authority”. For those facing harassment charges, it is important to hire an experienced criminal defence lawyer to defend against these types of allegations.

Criminal Lawyer in Toronto who consistently achieves excellent results for his clients facing criminal harassment or other domestic related charges by employing a number of strategies which often result in his client’s charges being withdrawn by the prosecutor or dismissed in court by the judge.

What type of conduct will meet the definition of criminal harassment?

“Harassment” means the conduct must be unwelcome to the complainant, and includes an element of tormenting the complainant; engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome. Harassment must be something more than simply annoying someone.

In considering whether the complainant’s fears are reasonably held, the court must take into consideration the complainant’s gender, and the history and circumstances surrounding the prior relationship between the accused and the complainant.

Criminal Harassment Defence Mississauga

What is a defence to harassment?

The Criminal Code specifically requires that the harassment be without “lawful authority”. Therefore, if someone has a lawful reason to contact another person such as to enforce a civil debt or family court order etc., they would not be guilty of criminal harassment.

What are the penalties for criminal harassment?

A person convicted of Criminal Harassment Defence Toronto could face up to 10 years in prison. A conviction for criminal harassment may also lead to a criminal record, fines, probation and/or a restraining order being placed against them not to contact the victim of the harassment. In some cases, it is possible to avoid jail and a criminal record even if a person is found guilty of harassment. The nature of the offence and the personal circumstances of the offender will be considered by the judge at the sentencing hearing.

Finally, it is a requisite element of the offence that the victim was reasonably caused to fear for his or her safety, or the safety of someone known to him or her, as a result of the conduct. The Firm has specialized in assisting victims of harassment from ex-lovers, specifically extortion and sex tape scandals. The Firm is regularly retained by professionals, including teachers, professors, doctors, nurses and government employees who are being extorted or threatened with legal or regulatory proceedings by an ex-lover. The Firm frequently deals with these allegations in the context of defamation by an ex-partner.

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