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How Long Does It Take To Get A Bail Hearing - Hire A Lawyer And Get Full Details



The principal purpose of bail is to ensure that an accused person will return to court if he is released from jail prior to trial. People who are arrested on minor misdemeanor offenses and some non-violent felony offenses are generally released from jail on their own recognizance or through a pre-trial supervision service. How long does it take to get a bail hearing? In such situation you must hire an attorney who can help you to get through the process of getting bail. It can take months for criminal cases to go to trial. Without the help of Bail Bondsmen, jails may be overfilled with people accused but not yet convicted of crime.


When an accused is arrested for a serious, violent or repeat offense, the authorities will not release him until they are confident the accused will appear in court when summoned. In such cases, bail is set in an amount sufficient to reassure the court that the accused has incentive to show up and get his money back. How long does a bail hearing take?  However, the procedural requirements for requesting a bail hearing can be confusing. Therefore it becomes essential to hire an experienced attorney. Your lawyer is the best person that can provide you full information regarding your Bail Hearing process.


If the accused cannot afford to post the entire bail, he can arrange a surety bond through a bail bondsman. Before the bail bondsman agrees to post a surety bond, he will look into the accused person's criminal history and conduct an interview. Before or after the bail bond hearing, the accused is required to pay a fee of approximately ten percent of the total amount of bail to the bail bondsman. Most bail bondsmen also require a guarantor or co-signer to sign a contract agreeing to cover The full cost of bail if the accused does not appear in court.



When you have just been arrested for any type of criminal charge, you probably have a lot of stress that you are currently dealing with. The last thing that you should need to worry about is how long does it take to get a bail hearing. The bail process is actually an intricate system containing a myriad of regulations and rules that can often cross state and federal lines. Many countries throughout the world offer Bail in their Court Systems however the process for every country is different.


As such a defendant who has been detained and is involved in an ongoing trial has the ability to post bail in order to secure their release pending the outcome of the trial. You must be wondering How long does a bail hearing take. The bail is used as a form of "insurance" to ensure that the defendant continues to appear in court for their pending trial. Failure to appear in court after bail has been made will not only lead to a loss in the financing put forth to secure the defendant's release but will also lead to criminal charges of "failure to appear".



The Bail Bond Hearing is one of the most important parts because of the fact that you will be seeing a judge. Understanding how your bail is determined can be an important factor because if they assign you a large bail amount, you will most likely not be able to pay it. One of the first things that the judge will look at is the current criminal charges that you were arrested for. Depending on how severe the charges are will determine how extensive your Bail Amount will be.


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